Carl Owen


Santa Fe, NM


Carl Owen expresses the spirit and treasures of New Mexico through his vast number of paintings of New Mexico’s landscapes, deep canyons, deserts and crumbling historic architecture. Owen’s ability to capture light and form on canvas fascinates those who have watched him morph into the gifted artist he is today. He has done several pencil drawings, soft pastels and oil pastels on paper and on canvas. He prepares forms with conte and charcoal pencils to be color arranged with soft pastels on canvas as the preparation for the oil painting. He prefers oil painting to any other medium. While in college, he did drawings and paintings for every applied technique class but gave them all away. Owen earned his A.A. at Riverside City College now known as Riverside Community College in Riverside, California in 1970. Carl Owen paintings are snapshots of life’s endless patterns, to be appreciated by all who see them. He is a master of light and color, using strong colors and bold brushstrokes. Though he takes artistic license for compositional and other purely aesthetic ends, he is an honest depicter of portraits and New Mexico’s sensational landscape.

Paintings with special recognition from

Rio Grande Long Ago

This painting is of a section of the Rio Grande between Santa Fe and Albuquerque, New Mexico looking south by southwest at the Jimenez mountains. Carl Owen called it Rio Grande Long Ago because there is not so much water in it today. It has been included in the Group Feature of Artists page at Spotlight section for Featured Artists for December 2014. This painting has also received an Honorable Mention award in the for the September 2014 Water 6 Competition.

Land of Enchantment series 3of8

Carl Owen did an eight painting series of this imagined New Mexico Landscape taking various scenic elements and combining them into one pictorial representation that he called the Land of Enchantment series. It has been included in the Group Feature of Artists page at Spotlight section for Featured Artists for December 2014.

Southern Sentinel

This is Fajada Butte located at the southern entrance to Chaco Canyon. It is the first painting completed in a collection of eight paintings. This painting placed as a finalist in the Nature 4 contest at


The Beauty of New Mexico

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Still Life

The Beauty of the American Southwest

El Ranco de las Golondrinas Collection